Why do I keep exceeding my LABEL MATRIX Network user licenses when I am not adding new users?

  • Users forgetting to logout of LABEL MATRIX, or the Network Utilities app not recognizing that it has been closed can give LABEL MATRIX the impression that more people are logged in.
  • Using Network Utilities to drop a user connection, or shortening the timeout settings can go a long way towards addressing this problem.
  • Using SENTINEL to automate printing can avoid the problem altogether.

Is this scenario familiar? You purchase a LABEL MATRIX license for five users. However, the software is sending you “The maximum number of authorized users has been reached. Please contact your network administrator.” And yet you still only have five users!

Why You Typically Exceed the Number of Users

User Leaves LABEL MATRIX Open

When using the LABEL MATRIX Network License manager – also known as the Network Utilities app – each user that opens an instance of LABEL MATRIX will consume a user seat from that license. Whenever the user performs certain actions such as opening, saving or printing a file, the local instance of LABEL MATRIX refreshes that connection. However, even if the user does not touch LABEL MATRIX after opening it, the Network Utilities application will still count that workstation as an active user.

Network Utilities is Unaware that LABEL MATRIX was Closed

To make matters worse, the Network Utilities app may not always register that a local instance had been closed, and as a result, the seat continues to be logged as “in use.” One cause for this is that the background processes that run LABEL MATRIX, such as Lppa.ex, continue to run after a user attempts to close the program. LABEL MATRIX does not appear to be running on the workstation, but key parts of the program continue to run in the background.

Searching for Lppa.exe in Windows Task Manager will reveal whether it is still running or not. More information can be found in our Knowledge Base article: Identify Files in Use by a Specific Windows Process with Task Manager – Windows Instruction Article – Efficient Business Integrators – Support (efficientbi.com)

Regaining Control of the User Count

Use Network Utilities to Drop a User

The Network Utilities app allows someone with the appropriate permissions to manually drop connections and free up a user seat. First, the workstation hosting the user must be found. This can be anywhere on your Local Area Network (LAN). Once the user is located, follow the instructions in this Knowledge Base article: View Active Users on TEKLYNX Network License Manager – CODESOFT, LABELVIEW, and LABEL MATRIX Instructions – Efficient Business Integrators – Support (efficientbi.com)

Shorten Network Utilities’ Timeout Settings

As noted earlier, Network Utilities will not automatically disconnect a user if they fail to use LABEL MATRIX. It checks to make sure the application is connected but not if it is being used. However, if the workstation temporarily loses its connection to the network, Network Utilities will drop the computer from the active user list after a specific timeout period. You can shorten this period by following this Knowledge Base article: Increase the TEKLYNX License Manager Tolerance to Prevent Lost Network Connection From Deactivating Labeling Software – CODESOFT, LABELVIEW, and LABEL MATRIX Instructions – Efficient Business Integrators – Support (efficientbi.com)

Use Automation to Move Files to Printer Instead of User License

Perhaps the most robust method, this takes advantage of an automated printing application called SENTINEL. This program is by TEKLYNX, the same publisher as LABEL MATRIX. It allows you to drive print jobs from a third-party application. Often, Efficient Business Integrator clients will link SENTINEL to their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, or to a custom web app they have created. TEKLYNX licenses SENTINEL by the printer rather than by the user. As a result, you will be able to avoid the entire issue of a user/workstation license by using a different user interface to drive print jobs.

For more information on SENTINEL, please view the product information guides here: TEKLYNX SENTINEL 2021 – Product Information and User Guides – Efficient Business Integrators – Support (efficientbi.com)

Leverage Print-Only Licenses

TEKLYNX offers a lower cost “print only” license option. Although this requires purchasing a different license per workstation, the individual license cost is less than that for a full user seat license under Enterprise or Professional. We suggest using these for “high availability” workstations and then reducing the number of Network Utilities licenses accordingly.


The number of user workstations active at any given time drives the cost of the LABEL MATRIX license. This not only includes the initial purchase, but also the ongoing Support and Maintenance Agreement (SMA) and subscription costs. By better management of deployment and licensing, you can keep the number of supported user workstations low.

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