TEKLYNX did a wholesale upgrade of all their labeling products this year. Every product (LABELVIEW, LABEL MATRIX, CODESOFT, SENTINEL, LABEL ARCHIVE, and TEKLYNX CENTRAL) boast updates to the look and usability of certain screens and features. Depending on your business, some updates offer significant changes in the software function and may allow you to make big improvements to your labeling system. However, for some clients, they may want to wait another year.

Who will benefit the most from an upgrade to LABEL ARCHIVE WITH CODESOFT v2021?

  • Clients with high volume printing
  • Manufacturers that need label version control including food, medical device, and pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Users who need to share label designs and/or data over different locations
  • Manufacturers who run automated labeling on the production floor

The Argument for Upgrade

Along with several significant improvements in CODESOFT, TEKLYNX improved the ability to host Label Archive in the cloud especially to support sites in different time zones. However, the most compelling reason to upgrade LABEL ARCHIVE likely will come from wanting to use features in the new CODESOFT.

LABEL ARCHIVE Improvements:

  • Time Zone UTC Adjustment – Respect time zones for a global deployment. Present UTC time format to store dates on server on application level to sync different time zones.
  • Microsoft Azure Compatibility - Replace obsolete .NET Remoting with new
    gRPC. This is essential for Microsoft Azure integration.

CODESOFT Improvements:

  • Sharing Label Designs and Data Over the Cloud – You can now use your Google or Microsoft cloud accounts to store and share label files and data.
  • Using CODESOFT on Touchscreen Computers (aka HMI) – New Touch2Print feature allows you to optimize the UI to work on a touchscreen computer.
  • GS1 Updates – Updates include new GS1 Application Identifiers codes and an easier to use GS1 Wizard to assist with building GS1 compliant barcode.
  • More Serialization Options – More flexibility on how to control and adapt the different Counter situations by using variables for: Current Value, Increment, Min Value, and Max Value
  • VB Script Improvements - Using VB script has never been easier. Reuse scripts by storing in the new VB Script Library and share with other label designs.
  • LABEL ARCHIVE WITH CODESOFT v2019 Goes End-of-Life – New updates to Windows including Windows 11 may cause problems with LABEL ARCHIVE or CODESOFT. TEKLYNX will not fix problems with LABEL ARCHIVE or CODESOFT 2019 or earlier.

The Argument Against Upgrade

Since LABEL ARCHIVE typically runs over a network, it will interact with other computers and systems. This will multiply the instances where problems can occur so generally it is best to keep LABEL ARCHIVE up to date. The only argument against upgrade would be cost.

  • License is Not Under a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) – If your license is not under SMA, you will need to purchase the license again. Best to avoid this cost unless downtime is unacceptable.


Efficient Business Integrators is here to help. Here are some resources we offer if looking to upgrade (or perhaps just ask questions):

LABEL ARCHIVE WITH CODESOFT Product Information and User Guides:

EBI Support - Contact us for help, assistance, or advice. We are here to help your system become more reliable and easy to use.

Workshops – Interested in EBI doing a workshop or demonstration of a feature or concept? Email us and let us know what’s on your mind. If we get enough interest, we can schedule an interactive webinar.

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