Regulatory requirements or vendor insistence creates a situation where a manufacturer has to ship a container or pallet with two identical labels applied to two different surfaces. While a simple exercise if performed manually, it gets complex when incorporating it into an automated shipping process.

As the object moves down a conveyor system, two printers MUST execute the same print job at the same time and apply the label to the right surfaces. The serial numbers and other data have to match. If one printer gets out of sync, whether by communication error, running out of consumables or another issue, the likely result is that the two labels will not match. And that problem can cascade up the system until it is caught. If it is detected within the shipping facility, replacement labels can be manually applied. But if the mislabeled items go out the door, it can result in them arriving at the wrong destination. In some cases, the entire  shipment can be rejected and the vendor fined for non-compliance.


EBI was presented with this challenge by two major food producers. We analyzed their individual situations and were able to custom-tailor solutions that integrated with their respective systems. While the hardware and software components differed, the core of the solution was some embedded code and an automated system to verify that matching labels were properly affixed as the container moved down the packaging system. Incorrect or missing labels triggered a downstream printer to reprint the correct label for application. This, along with a program of manual spot-checking by personnel drastically reduced the problem while maintaining throughput, saving time and manpower.

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