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Double Trouble? Applying Two Labels

By Tom Seeling | October 2021

Regulatory requirements or vendor insistence creates a situation where a manufacturer has to ship a container or pallet with two identical labels applied to two different surfaces. While a simple exercise if performed manually, it gets complex when incorporating it into an automated shipping process. As the object moves down a conveyor system, two printers…

TEKLYNX 2021 Products

By Tom Seeling | June 2021

TEKLYNX has released the latest version of its family of label printing and management software. As with past updates, the goal is to further streamline the creation, management and printing of labels to meet the needs of various industries and applications. This round of improvements are more than just marginal tweaks to the 2019 versions.…

Get Knowledge Transfer Instead of Support! 

By Dave Klement | June 2021

How to get your vendor to help you become a system expert.  We all know how it goes. You call in to tech support, go through an automated phone tree, and press buttons for five minutes so the system, hopefully, directs you to the right department. When you finally get a live person, they ask…

Are Your Labeling and Tracking Systems Ready for 2021?

By Dave Klement | December 2020

Before 2020 ends, you should consider three things. Are you: #1 – Leveraging New Innovations? Internet Enabled Printers – Heard about these? True plug ‘n play. One-time setup (we can help). Once configured for your cloud-based application, you can plug them in anywhere on the planet (with Internet access) and start printing. Can this help…

Avoid Typos in Your Labeling with Input Masks! Reducing Errors Series – Article #1

By Dave Klement | September 2020

Summary One of the most common errors in label creation is mistyping (i.e. a ‘typo’).  Doing this with critical label information at print time can cause BIG problems. Most brands of labeling software can help prevent user typos by using a process called masking. This article explains how input masking works and provides some examples…

Design Your Label Using Fonts Instead of Images Files

By Dave Klement | November 2019

Summary Did you know that many images commonly used on labels are also available as fonts? The most typical way of putting images into your label design is to save your image as a jpeg or png file so that it can be linked or embedded in your label design. However, many icons and images…

Reduce Human Error with Effective Label Design

By Dave Klement | July 2019

Summary “To err is human; to forgive, divine.” – Alexander Pope Most labeling software applications are packed with tools and features to prevent errors. This article covers some common ones and provides some links to Efficient Ideas articles. Methods to Reduce Human Error Several methods can be used to reduce the potential for human error: Input…