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Double Trouble? Applying Two Labels

By Tom Seeling | October 2021

Regulatory requirements or vendor insistence creates a situation where a manufacturer has to ship a container or pallet with two identical labels applied to two different surfaces. While a simple exercise if performed manually, it gets complex when incorporating it into an automated shipping process. As the object moves down a conveyor system, two printers…

Create a Smart Printer – Store Label Designs in Your Printer for Fast Label Printing without Software or a PC

By Dave Klement | February 2020

Summary The traditional approach to supply chain labeling involves a PC, labeling software, and a printer. However, most people do not realize that, in certain circumstances, you can take the labeling software and PC out of the equation, printing straight from the printer. Basically you make the printer act as a Smart Printer. This is…

Prevent Misapplied Labels

By Dave Klement | December 2019

Summary Summary An often overlooked problem is the possibility of applying the wrong labels to the wrong product.  The agility many manufacturers have achieved with just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing can come at a price with label application errors.  Often we think of label errors in terms of the wrong data getting on a label.  However, short…

3 Approaches to Printing from ERP Systems

By Dave Klement | August 2019

Summary Enterprise Resource Planning software companies (such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor, IQMS etc.) provide their clients with great tools to manage and grow their organizations.  Centralizing data and then providing information, in real time, across the enterprise enables the company to act faster and smarter.  It is natural, then, to extend this data…

Reduce Human Error with Effective Label Design

By Dave Klement | July 2019

Summary “To err is human; to forgive, divine.” – Alexander Pope Most labeling software applications are packed with tools and features to prevent errors. This article covers some common ones and provides some links to Efficient Ideas articles. Methods to Reduce Human Error Several methods can be used to reduce the potential for human error: Input…


Lock Down Security without Locking Up Productivity

By Dave Klement | May 2023

How a Prepared Foods Manufacturer Prepares for the Next Print Workstation Failure EBI was contacted by one of our Comprehensive System Support clients, a major prepared foods manufacturer, when one of their production lines went down. The issue was that a workstation on the production floor failed. This single computer ran the entire plant’s automated…

Four Reasons Your Labeling System is About to Fail #1: Computer Failure

By Dave Klement | May 2023

When your label printing depends on a workstation, if it goes down, the entire system goes down. You need to plan and prepare for that possibility. This can include short-, mid- and long-term plans or some combination of them. Short Term There are two ways to prepare in case your computer failed tomorrow: Set Up…

NiceLabel Cloud 10.2 Release

By Jerry Joseph | January 2023

Current NiceLabel Cloud and LMS* Clients, new features have been added in the release of NiceLabel 10.2. New print functionality for Apple devices Apple device users can now open a browser and print labels with selectable data. There’s no need to install the NiceLabel Web Client or Designer on your device. Instead, some additional setup…

Cloud Essentials Enhancements with the Release of NiceLabel 10.2

By Jerry Joseph | January 2023

With the release of NiceLabel 10.2, desktop Designer Users (PowerForms and Designer Pro licenses), can upgrade to NiceLabel Cloud Essentials right now for added benefits. New print functionality for Apple devices Apple device users can now open a browser and print labels with selectable data. There’s no need to install the NiceLabel Web Client or…

New Year, New Look

By Jennie Gartland | December 2022

We are getting a fresh new look with the new year! The new will help you find the right tools and options for your company’s labeling and tracking needs. We can’t wait to share our new site with you, but for now here is a sneak peak! Coming Soon Click images to view gallery

Meet Our New Team Member

By Jennie Gartland | November 2022

Heather Simone, Account Manager Heather helps keep EBI running smoothly by working behind the scenes. She is the go-to person for EBI clients who want to renew or upgrade their support contracts. With 15 years of experience working with consulting firms the like of Hewlett Packard, IBM iX and Accenture Digital as well as much…

Your Label and Tracking System Plans for 2023

By Dave Klement | November 2022

As we close out 2022, many clients begin to think about 2023. Labeling and tracking systems may not be the first thing that comes to mind for everyone. I understand and appreciate that. However, with a little planning, we can ensure that your labeling systems are “easy to use and reliable” so that you won’t have…