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Create a Smart Printer – Store Label Designs in Your Printer for Fast Label Printing without Software or a PC

By Dave Klement | February 2020

Summary The traditional approach to supply chain labeling involves a PC, labeling software, and a printer. However, most people do not realize that, in certain circumstances, you can take the labeling software and PC out of the equation, printing straight from the printer. Basically you make the printer act as a Smart Printer. This is…

Prevent Misapplied Labels

By Dave Klement | December 2019

Summary Summary An often overlooked problem is the possibility of applying the wrong labels to the wrong product.  The agility many manufacturers have achieved with just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing can come at a price with label application errors.  Often we think of label errors in terms of the wrong data getting on a label.  However, short…

3 Approaches to Printing from ERP Systems

By Dave Klement | August 2019

Summary Enterprise Resource Planning software companies (such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor, IQMS etc.) provide their clients with great tools to manage and grow their organizations.  Centralizing data and then providing information, in real time, across the enterprise enables the company to act faster and smarter.  It is natural, then, to extend this data…

Reduce Human Error with Effective Label Design

By Dave Klement | July 2019

Summary “To err is human; to forgive, divine.” – Alexander Pope Most labeling software applications are packed with tools and features to prevent errors. This article covers some common ones and provides some links to Efficient Ideas articles. Methods to Reduce Human Error Several methods can be used to reduce the potential for human error: Input…

Why ERP Systems Are Not Good at Making Labels

By Dave Klement | April 2019

  Summary Enterprise Resource Planning software (i.e. ERP) are great tools for managing data. They can provide one software platform to simplify and consolidate the software and data throughout the organization. Using your ERP system print labels with some additional tools, however, takes this ‘one platform’ concept one step too far. Even the larger companies,…


Louis Valbuena, Latin America Sales Manager

By Jennie Gartland | September 2021

About Louis Louis brings a combination of technical expertise, project management, problem solving and customer relations to each project as part of our support team. Fully bilingual, he brings EBI’s high standards of providing the right solution to our clients in English as well as Spanish. He helps our customers throughout the Americas identify their…

TEKLYNX 2021 Products

By Tom Seeling | June 2021

TEKLYNX has released the latest version of its family of label printing and management software. As with past updates, the goal is to further streamline the creation, management and printing of labels to meet the needs of various industries and applications. This round of improvements are more than just marginal tweaks to the 2019 versions.…

When Is the Best Time to Upgrade Your Labeling Software?

By Dave Klement | June 2021

Eventually, we all know that the dreaded day is coming…the day we will need to upgrade our labeling software. However, with a new version being released every year or two, it is a challenge to pick the best time to make the upgrade. Choosing to upgrade at every new release uses up valuable resources and…

Meet Dave, Founder of EBI!

By Jennie Gartland | June 2021

Get to know Dave Klement, Application Engineer, Consultant and Founder of EBI. Dave is at the center of most projects and loves to solve challenging problems customers. 1.  When you are not solving labeling and tracking problems, what do you like to do? Are there other things to do? 😊 I enjoy working with my…

Get Knowledge Transfer Instead of Support! 

By Dave Klement | June 2021

How to get your vendor to help you become a system expert.  We all know how it goes. You call in to tech support, go through an automated phone tree, and press buttons for five minutes so the system, hopefully, directs you to the right department. When you finally get a live person, they ask…

Meet Peter, Your Support Guru!

By Jennie Gartland | March 2021

Get to know Peter Korprapun, Residence Genius, a key member of the EBI team who loves solving problems for customers. What three words would you use to describe your role? Teacher, Troubleshooter, Inventive If you could pick a superpower, what would it be? Telepathy If you could learn to do anything what would it be?…

Label System Changes for a Post-Pandemic World

By Dave Klement | March 2021

Changes that you should consider as you plan for “back to normal” operations. After over a year, the end of the pandemic appears to be in sight. New vaccines and a better understanding of the COVID-19 virus is allowing our clients to start looking at going back to normal operations. But, it’s clear that this…