TEKLYNX has released the latest version of its family of label printing and management software. As with past updates, the goal is to further streamline the creation, management and printing of labels to meet the needs of various industries and applications. This round of improvements are more than just marginal tweaks to the 2019 versions. One of the more visible improvements is greater ease of integrating cloud storage which takes advances of the improvements that have been made over the past two years which has been accompanied by the wider embrace of the technology over that time.

Below is a brief synopsis highlighting the new features added for each application:


Label design smart guides have been introduced, making it easy to align artwork and elements on labels which speeds up the label creation process and greatly reduces the need to print numerous test labels.



  • Improved form editor to reduce the number of labelling errors while also adding elements on the print form for improved print previews.
  • Cloud connectivity for central label storage using OneDrive or Google Drive. This allows for online data source integration from web- or cloud-based ERP systems.
  • Images from database keeps images in a central location for easy access.
  • Variable counter functions uses external data sources for advanced serialization.
  • Touch2Print is a new interface designed to make printing from Windows tablets easier.


  • Enhanced WEB API adds integration with RESTful API, the standard of web protocols for improved ease-of-use, greater flexibility and reliability.
  • Automatic back-up server for cases when the primary server goes down, the secondary server automatically becomes the primary server. Once the primary server recovers, the secondary server will revert to being the back-up.
  • Modbus support – The Modbus protocol messaging structure empowers communication with programable logic controllers (PLC) on networked industrial electronic devices.

User Guide

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  • Improved user interface for easier navigation and accessibility
  • Label tracking throughout the entire process
  • Request submittal allows users to request template designs.

User Guide

Call us for more information or to schedule a demo.

Updated printer drivers have also been made available for all of the relevant programs. Of note to current users, TEKLYNX has abandoned support for its applications on machines running Windows 7 as well as for servers still using Windows Server 2008.

Read the full TEKLYNX Press Release

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